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Horst E. Goltz

Author Horst E. Goltz and his Porsche 912 Sunroofcoupe
Author Horst E. Goltz and his Porsche 912 Sunroofcoupe

Author Horst E. Goltz has been a Porsche collector and passionate driver for many years. His love for classic sports cars made in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen is visible in all aspects of his life. His greatest passion is the 1967 Porsche 912 sunroof-Coupe.


His recently published 230-page strong book "Porsche 912 Buying Guide"  with 550 colour photos and statistics shows all variances between the Porsche 912 model years (1965 to 1969). The book aims to provide sound advice to the reader on what to look for when completing a purchase inspection. 


Author Horst E. Goltz shares his wealth of 912 knowledge and experience to assist the reader in making the right purchase decision. His love and enthusiasm for the 912 and his passion for the topic made him the founder of the independent 912 register Germany and also sees him support a global audience via this YouTube Channel HorstTV and leading the Facebook group Urzwoelfer with almost 400 members that regularly meet to exchange 912 updates and news.  

Porsche 912 book - Buying Guide

Newly published:

English Edition

This book is recommended by leading classic car experts and motor journalists.

Classic Analytics writes: "... facts, facts, facts .... a reference work .... not only for lovers of the 4-cylinder GT ..."

► Classic Data writes: ".... Horst E. Goltz explains the fascination 912 ..."

► Porsche Scene LIVE writes: "... information about the 912 ... from Horst E. Goltz"

 AutoBild Klassik magazine writes:  First adress for 912-buyers, "Porsche Buying Guide" by Horst E. Goltz...

► PORSCHE Fahrer magazine writes: "... anyone who has or wants a 912 needs this book!".

Porsche 912 Buying Guide 

A MUST-HAVE for every lover of the Porsche 912 and those who want to become one. A guide that takes the reader deep into the detailed variations of all model years to enable sound judgement of vehicle value and cost for repair and replacement of parts during restorations.

Porsche 912 Buying Guide - Horst E. Goltz

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Porsche 912 book - Buying Guide

A quick, while comprehensive guide for all lovers

of the Porsche 912, including buyers, restorers,

mechanics and classic car appraisers. 

Early 912 1965-1969. Not 912E.


Features & Details

Primary Category: Reference

  • Additional Categories Crafts & Hobbies
  • Project Option: 6×9 in, 15×23 cm
    # of Pages: 230
  • ISBN
    • A) Softcover
    • B) Hardcover, ImageWrap
    • C) Hardcover, Dust Jacket
  • Publish Date: Dec 17, 2020
  • Language English
  • 550 colour photos and tables


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The Porsche 912.

Built 1965 to 1969. The ideal classic car. Absolute pleasure and happiness guaranteed!

Porsche 912 Buch Ratgeber - Autor Horst E. Goltz
912 Buch Ratgeber

Porsche 912 Buch Ratgeber - Autor Horst E. Goltz
Porsche 912 Buch Ratgeber - Autor Horst E. Goltz

Porsche 912 @ Hangar 21 - Detmold - Germany


Photographer René M. Deppe